scott allen, operations consultant

Scott is an operations consultant at Lion Leadership and leads processes related to the opening of physical business locations and designing systems and workflows from the ground up. His unique ability to spot inefficiencies, errors, and places for measurable improvement provides significant ROI for clients. Scott also manages all operational audits conducted by Lion Leadership, and designs strategy to revamp and refine operations for businesses already in action.

Prior to Lion Leadership, Scott was boots-on-the-ground in opening over 40 restaurants. He created inspection measures for quality-assurance, implemented strategies to increase efficiency, and served as general manager for 3 private companies. P&L’s are his sweet spot. Want to get your bottom line looking better? Scott is your guy. Oh wait, hiring systems and software solutions are also his sweet spot. Want your design systems to onboard and exboard employees smoothly? Scott, again, is your guy.

Scott holds a BA from the University of Georgia.