CULTURE change

They say culture eats strategy for lunch. If your company has a broken culture, you know it all too well. How can you tell when your culture is broken? Retention problems, attendance issues, a lack of trust, conflict among departments, hallway gossip, untrained managers, employees who feel overworked and unappreciated…there is no shortage of indicators. Yet we have good news! Lion Leadership has the science, the experience, and the right people to generate a “reset button” for you and your company. Let’s optimize your workplace culture before scaling further.

  • Discovery

    Culture starts at the top, so we will too. To start your company’s culture evaluation, we will conduct a readiness assessment with your leadership team. This assessment includes a baseline survey and 1-on-1 interviews that help us codify current organizational pain points. Following this initial evaluation, we will work with employees at all levels of your company’s organizational hierarchy through a combination of seminars, focus groups, and off-site retreats to set goals and to design a roadmap to improve your culture from the inside out.

  • Strategy

    After your company’s goals and roadmap have been created, you will receive a complete strategy plan outlining your next steps. This plan will include a range of actions – from implementing new policies, to changing workflows, to rethinking the way you onboard and train personnel, to updating titles, to improving your compensation package, and more. Your strategy plan will also detail both a change management process and a learning and development process to help you pivot your culture quickly and successfully.

  • Implementation

    Lion Leadership will deploy team members to help you make this cultural change happen. We will stand by your side while improvements unfold. Soon, you will see an increase in engagement and retention, a growth in positive workplace relationships, and higher levels of productivity.

  • Review

    We will allow 12 months to pass after implementation. This will allow time for your culture to take root and to generate your return on investment. Lion Leadership will then conduct a follow-up survey and interview members of your organization to assess the results.