Lion Leadership is a management consulting company that helps business owners and HR teams understand how to get their organizations to the next level. We offer management training, executive coaching, and conflict mediation, as well as consulting services for crafting culture, designing talent strategy, and shaping organizational alignment.

We specialize in businesses that have growth plans yet have possibly already grown too fast for their own good as well. Our ideal client is a scrappy entrepreneur who has worked hard to grow their concept and brand yet struggles with day-to-day issues related to company culture, recruitment and retention of top talent, workplace tension or burnout, a lack of management strategy, and inefficient workflows and processes. Got culture, talent, or organizational problems? That’s our sweet spot. We’ll help you get to the bottom of it, navigate through it, turn the corner, and rocket off to what’s next. We are people-people. That means we get your people to the next level so that you can get your company to the next level.


Currently Lion Leadership is looking for a team of BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT interns. We are on the cusp of launching a program for college students that will spread brand awareness for Lion Leadership and get college students a learning experience like no other. You don't need to deliver consulting services, yet you do need you to spread the word of what our Lion Leadership consultants have to offer. We'll ask that you attend meetings in the community - both on campus and off campus. And we'll ask that you become knowledgeable on Lion Leadership services so that you can tell others what we do. Our thought is that great service is --> NOTHING --> without great voices to showcase what we have to offer. To do this, we need students ready and eager to learn and engage. More specifically, for this unique internship, we need dynamite student leaders who get out into the community and connect with others.

 In exchange, for your networking, marketing, and leadership, you will receive:

  • Information on how to build a scalable organization.

  • Information on how to be a great manager and leader.

  • Information on how to intentionally develop a company culture that is above the rest.

  • Great training on how to deliver the perfect pitch.

  • Networking experience and consequent connections.

  • Professionals willing to give you references, as earned.

  • A top-notch social media presence.

  • Friendships that last.

 You are likely qualified if you are:

  • Deeply connected in a college community

  • Deeply connected with friends

  • Have strong communication, emotional intelligence, and people skills

  • Involved in multiple business-related fields and associations

  • Have a compulsion to show up on time and with a positive attitude for both in-person and virtual deadlines

  • Receptive to feedback

Resume Bullets

Business Developer, Lion Leadership

  • Attended various community and campus events related to entrepreneurship, management, leadership, and business

  • Obtained networking and business development skills

  • Perfected self-presentation skills needed for a perfect business pitch

  • Studied literature related to management, culture, teams, organizational development, and leadership; shared knowledge in a final project presentation on the topic of XXXX

  • Met weekly with team to work through case studies and learn more about how to be an effective consultant

  • Collaborated on a team with the values of learning, networking, growth, and fun

  • Shadowed various consultants as they met with clients