tino johnson, facilitator

Tino is a Lion Leadership facilitator and a breath of fresh air for a company looking to develop better relationships internally as well as externally. In fact, building relationships has been Tino’s focus for his complete 20 year career. Currently Tino is Senior Director for Development at the J. Mack Robinson’s College of Business at Georgia State University.

Want to get along better with your co-workers? Tino is your guy. Want to learn how to have productive feedback conversations with supervisors, direct reports, and peers? Tino is your guy. Want to be able to have “tough” conversations without sleep loss and sweat? Tino can bring his personal flair and experience to your company training, or, if you prefer, he can bring Crucial Conversations® . In fact, we like to say that Tino has a BS in cutting the BS. His ability to dive through the muddiness of politics to reach consensus and create productive relationships is inspiring. Who knew we could all get along?!

 Tino has a BA from the University of Georgia