negotiating CONFLICT


Healthy conflict is good; it signifies diversity of thought and leads to innovation. Yet conflict that breeds bitterness, resentment, hostility, and a lack of cooperation has a toxic effect on organizational culture, effectiveness, employee engagement, and potential revenue. This is the type of conflict we aim to resolve. Lion Leadership will give you the tools you need to successfully navigate complex conflict, whether it be between people, among departments, or embedded in the power structure of your organizational ladder. 

  • Conflict Programming

    Lion Leadership team members are trained to deliver seminars, coaching, and off-sites that equip your company’s employees with the skills they need to manage conflict and frustration in the workplace. Programs have the ability to get everyone on the same page in regard to handling “tough conversations,” which is critical for navigating disagreements and disparate personalities with success. Our programs require participants to understand their frustrations from new vantage points, and they increase aptitude in dealing with situations that can wreck concentration, productivity, and relationships.

  • Conflict Mediation

    Sometimes conflicts between people seem impassable, and, indeed, they may be too cumbersome to deal with in-house. It is best to have a third party involved in these situations to lead discussion. Mediation is designed to move conflicting parties toward a consensus and a more agreeable professional relationship. Lion Leadership has trained facilitators to ensure a solid design for the mediation process, to protect all voices, and to accelerate the speed at which the tension can dissipate from these conversations.

  • Preventing Conflict

    Self-awareness, other-awareness, and team building often work as preventative medicine for unhealthy conflict. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You will enjoy the return that prevention programming provides as you treat your company’s employees to development in this capacity. Lion Leadership facilitators and consultants are trained in both StrengthsFinder 2.0 and The Birkman Method. Each program suits different organizational needs and budgets, and each program delivers powerful results.