organizational ALIGNMENT

You can have talent strategy, a great culture, dynamite employees, and a compelling vision, but without organizational alignment, it is hard to be at your best in today’s competitive landscape. Imagine working for a company where every meeting, touchpoint, and performance evaluation is designed specifically around living out the goals in your strategic plan. Imagine all people in your company knowing exactly how their work contributes to something larger than themselves. Imagine everyone collectively pushing your company towards its vision each day. Alignment allows you to be laser focused, and it creates a much more powerful organizational engine. It is the journey you undertake when you are in the “messy middle” of business growth and development.

  • Discovery

    A touchpoint sweep will begin the process. We want to know when everyone in your organization is scheduled to speak with their supervisors and direct reports, and we also want to know what is on the agenda for those meetings. A policy and process sweep will follow. We want to know what policies you have written (and unwritten), what processes you follow for critical workflows, and what “knots” are creating ineffectiveness and organizational dysfunction within your company. In some projects, a compensation sweep will wrap up the discovery process.

  • Strategy

    Next, we will send you a complete strategy plan to improve your organizational alignment using the discovery information. This plan will suggest workflows, systems, and policies designed to provide clear channels of communication, align key departments and personnel, and correct inefficiencies and ineffectiveness throughout your company.

  • Implementation

    Lion Leadership team members will help you take the necessary steps to make your company stronger, faster, and better positioned for success. We will provide experts who can bring your operations into alignment and stand by your side while improvements unfold. Soon, you will have the consistent structure your employees crave and the agility your organization needs to have a competitive advantage.

  • Review

    We will allow 12 months to pass after implementation. This will allow time for a few new hires to start working, a few employees to leave the company, and a few new engagement opportunities to emerge. We will then conduct follow-up surveys and individual interviews to assess results