Business growth, even in the early stages, is reliant on hiring the right people and placing them in the right positions for success. You need a professional to spend time crafting a custom strategy for employee recruitment, onboarding, retention and succession. You also need a professional to cultivate and teach your managerial and leadership training programs, to ensure your people are engaged and performing at their very best, and that all top talent or high potential employees have a clear understanding of how you plan to continue investing in them as the primary drivers of your company’s mission and vision. Lion Leadership makes talent management and development easy.

  • Discovery

    To help determine the current atmosphere within your company, we will conduct a baseline survey and facilitate in-depth interviews with employees throughout your company. We will work with key personnel in human resources, organizational leaders who are experiencing high levels of turnover, and managers who are expecting significant growth across the next 12 months. We will target long-standing employees and compare their perspectives to those of recent hires and, when possible, recent exits.

  • Strategy

    You will receive a complete strategy plan that lists sound methods to improve the 5 stages of the employee lifecycle: recruitment, onboarding, retention/engagement, development, and exit. There are several different actions your strategy plan may suggest you take. Sometimes we will recommend software to help implement the talent strategy proposed. Sometimes we will recommend that committees be designed to tackle challenges or opportunities, like revamping an outdated performance evaluation process. Some clients see recommendations for organizational restructure, and some companies follow recommendations to create an updated (and collectively built) mission, vision, and values statement with a company off-site retreat. All actions are dependent on information found in the discovery process and are customized to your company’s unique needs and profile.

  • Implementation

    Lion Leadership team members will help you take the necessary steps to make your company stronger, faster, and better positioned for success. We will provide experts who can bring your operations into alignment and stand by your side while improvements unfold. Soon, you will have the consistent structure your employees crave and the agility your organization needs to have a competitive advantage.

  • Review

    We will allow 12 months to pass after implementation. This will allow time for your culture to take root and to generate your return on investment. Lion Leadership will then conduct a follow-up survey and interview members of your organization to assess the results.