“The bottom line is that Dr. Natasha Ganem sets the standard for executive coaching for businesses and individual clients.”

- Jacob H.

“Natasha’s measured, calm, and supportive approach really helps to ensure that the work she does hits home and makes the intended impact. Lion Leadership did an amazing job for us and we're so appreciative of the help for our company.”

- Eric A.

“Overall, Natasha strikes a very difficult balance between being knowledgeable, sharp, and tough, yet empathetic and approachable. She's the real deal, and it comes through in every facet of her teaching and coaching.”

- Andrea G.

“As someone at an inflection point in their career, she helped me develop my "story" and supplied me with great interviewing advice. It was a crucial piece that helped me land my next dream job.”

- Jonathan G.

“It is rare to find someone with her credentials who also continues to have deep curiosity and creativity about their area of expertise. Natasha helps people reach their full potential from the classroom to C-suite and Lion Leadership is a powerful platform to push people to their personal best.”

- April F.

“Natasha is an outstanding leadership facilitator and professional. She is extremely knowledgeable, provides honest critical feedback, and poses in-depth reflective questions to assist in personal improvement.”

- Jeff H.

“Natasha has a keen ability to anticipate the needs of her classroom audience and to execute smartly on those needs. Highly recommend!”

- Richie K.