Amy Whipple, Startup and Process consultant

Amy is our lead startup and process consultant at Lion Leadership. A long-time veteran of process optimization and taking ideas from concept to market, Amy facilitates all brainstorming sessions related to “what’s possible?” and "what should we do next?" for entrepreneurial minded company owners as well as companies needing to organize. With a bit of research, design thinking, and ability to serve as an outsourced project-manager, Amy will help you uncover and optimize 1) possible products and saleable packages – especially promising avenues you haven’t considered, 2) your customer's user experience, and 3) the ways in which your workflow, systems, and processes yield speed and efficiency to impact your bottom line. 

Prior to Lion Leadership, Amy drove operations and streamlined systems for both CP Industries ($20mm), and Dychem International ($7mm). She subsequently served as a Senior Supply Chain Analyst for Sun Products ($2B). Most recently, Amy has driven operations and streamlined systems closer to home in the Athens community. With two kids in tow, teaching obligations, and having launched her own product-based startup company, Amy is well beyond the curve in terms of get-it-done determination and results. She will help you develop ideas, construct a strategy for implementation, and connect you to people that can help make it happen. Essentially Amy is the go-to for inspiration, encouragement, ideation, and accountability because she has “been there, done that, and lived it through.”

Amy graduated summa cum laude from Western Michigan University.