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It’s no secret that long-term business success requires a smart investment in the right people for your company. And yet, knowing how to cultivate a strong staff and keep them focused on the road ahead can be challenging for even the savviest organizational leaders and human resource executives. Lion Leadership helps business owners and HR teams understand how to identify, develop, and retain talented professionals who can take your success to the next level.




Business growth, even in the beginning, comes down to hiring the right people and putting them into the right positions to succeed…



Bringing an expert in-house to get your leaders on the same page is easier than you might think. Lion Leadership can customize workshops…



It can be incredibly challenging to push yourself, or your company, to the next level without viewing things from an outside perspective…



Hi there. My name is Dr. Natasha Ganem and I work as a business consultant, group trainer, and executive coach. I specialize in workplace culture, leadership development, and managerial tactics.

Your business is my business.

Do you need someone to help you design strategy around your professional pipeline? Or someone to teach your managers how to effectively lead your workers? Or do you need a coach and advisor to help you to the next level?

You don’t have to go at it alone.

I earned my Ph.D. from Emory University and have since spent a 15+ year career studying, teaching, and consulting on the science behind group dynamics, emotion management, organizational behavior, and conflict.

LET’S start today.